Warrior Fighting Fitness

No one would seriously question the importance of fitness and conditioning training for the Martial Artist. But that's pretty much where consensus on this topic ends.

When I started out in the Martial Arts I was amazed at the confusion over martial art fitness at almost every school I visited. Some would do little more than advise you to stretch and 'warm up a bit' before class whilst others would contain a bodybuilding' sub-culture of students who believed that heavy weights were the key to success.

I like my classmates was confused. I was convinced that the technical differences between these Martial Arts was not enough to explain such a radically contrasting approach to fitness and conditioning training. After all, we all have effectively the same tool whatever Martial Art we practice - the human body.

As I began to study and research this area more, I decided to go right back to the beginning and ask questions like:

What fitness attributes does the Warrior body need?

How can these be most effectively achieved?

What became immediately apparent to me was that fitness and conditioning training must never be an afterthought to your regular Martial Arts practice. Many people I saw even seemed to train their fitness and Martial Arts in almost complete independence. For maximum development, I discovered that 'functional' fitness was the key. I concentrated on exercises that trained the body as a whole and those that developed the fundamental attributes required by every Martial Artist, whatever their chosen discipline.

The concept of Warrior Fighting Fitness was born and I set about creating a complete training methodology that would attempt to answer all of the questions about combat fitness and conditioning that I had heard over the years.

I wanted the Warrior Fighting Fitness Manual to be more than just another boring workout guide. What I had always personally wanted was someone to come along and give me the total low down on the best exercises, drills, recovery advice, weights, cardio, and nutritional information. I am very pleased that what I have written is a realistic and comprehensive package for anyone who wants to get serious about improving their fitness and physical condition.

I was also aware that in the past I had bought similar products, but they had seemed so complex that I ended up abandoning any programme they had contained. To avoid this happening I produced the Warrior Fighting Fitness Collection DVD to accompany the Manual. The three volumes contained on this DVD contain workouts that cover fundamental fitness, specific combat attribute training and light equipment routines relevant for anyone who wants to get in great shape.

Many of my students have benefited greatly from our School's functional approach to fitness and I have produced the Warrior Fighting Fitness Manual and DVD to allow others to learn and apply our unique training methodology.



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