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Alan Orr Sifu
Alan Orr has been involved in the Health, Fitness and Martial Arts since 1985.He has trained with many of the leaders in their own fields. Alan has been a personal trainer for many years and also is a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine. He has trained to Master Practitioner level in Tui- Na Chinese Massage and Manipulation Therapy with Maria Mercati the leading teacher of Tui Na in the UK. Alan also holds many other qualifications in areas such as Acupuncture, Chinese Dietary Therapy, Chinese Herbology, NLP, Qi Gong, Meditation, Yoga, to name a few. Alan has travelled the world to find and train with best Martial Art teachers in the world. He trained in Wing Chun with Robert Chu Sifu and been honoured to represent Chu Lei Lei Wing Chun in the UK and Europe. He also studies and is a practitioner of the Chu family system of Chinese Medicine.

Alan is also:

* The UK representative for renowned writer and teacher Guro Mark Wiley in the Filipino Martial Arts.
* The head of the UK Shark Tank teaching NHB/Grappling under the top fight trainer Sensei Eddy Millis.
* Trained in Combat Conditioning and Catch Wrestling with Wrestling Master Matt Furey.
* The Wing Chun Technical Editor for Martial Arts Illustrated UK. Writing many articles and interviews for the magazine.
* He has developed his Warrior Conditioning Programmes, which are set to change the face of Martial Arts fitness training.
* He is currently working on many projects including a book on The Martial Arts Mind.






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