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Introduction by Alan Orr Sifu Alan Orr Sifu
In the martial arts, it is rare to find an individual as disciplined and dedicated as Kim Elman.

After much hard training and development with me in England, Kim has become a skilled martial artist. I am more than honoured to have him as my representative for Sweden and uphold our family's teachings.

I am sure that any student of the martial arts that takes time to train and learn from Kim will find it a very rewarding experience.

Kim is truly a credit to the future of Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun in Sweden as well as the Shark Tank NHB, Integrated Eskrima and Warrior Fighting Fitness.

Alan Orr

Introduction by Kim Elman
I practice and teach the Chu Sau Lei/Ying Hung system of Wing Chun Kuen, which is Alan Orr Sifus way of teaching Robert Chu Sigungs WCK system.

When I first started training in WCK I knew little about the different branches of the system. As time went on I started researching the different interpretations of the system, and at that time felt happy with my current training. That was until I came across the Chu Sau Lei system as taught by my Sifu, Alan Orr, and the unique methods within. I realized that my training was lacking and although I will always be grateful to the people starting me on my path,
I felt I needed to change direction. So here we are.

What sets our system apart from others is the focus on developing body structure, which is the core of WCK, the engine that drives everything we do. Although everybody claims to have body structure, most peoples definition of it is quite different from ours. Furthermore my Sigung has organized the Sum Fa (mental methods/keywords) of the system in a very comprehensive way, which in turn leads to deeper understanding and freedom in expression. You can read more in the articles section on this site or the websites about our system in the links section.



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